Parts and Components

Components, parts, and sub-assemblies to build your own plant/grow lights

Components and Parts

EconoLux can provide you with unique COBs, PCBA boards populated with LEDs, and other parts and components for you to incorporate into your own grow-lights. EconoLux also offers a complete bespoke or semi-custom LED grow-light design and manufacturing service, under your brand name.


Adjustable Rope Ratchet Hangars

Rope Ratchet Hangars
EconoLux's premium ELPL lighting technology runs at lower temperatures (they have a low "heat signature"), so you can hang the lights closer to the plants to maximize light delivery.
The sturdy ELPL-RRH Rope Ratchet Hangers allow you to adjust the height of the lights over the plants as they grow. This helps to avoid any dehydration or damage to the plants, while keeping light intensity on the plants at maximum
These ratchet hangers come in pairs with snap on clips (carabineers) at either end to conveniently attach to the hanging point and the light fixture, and are sturdy enough that each can support a 32 Kg (70 Lbs) lighting fixture. Pulling up on the trailing rope coming out of the housing raises the fixtures and is self-locking. Take the strain off the trailing rope, release the ratchet, and the lighting fixture can be lowered to the desired position.

Components & Parts    
LED HEat-sinks & lenses

Heat-sinks & Lenses
EconoLux can provide you with various Heat sinks. The green heat-sink show in the picture on the left is suitable for passive cooling (no fan required) of a 100W COB. This is the same heat-sink used in EconoLux's Gro-cubes.
On top of the heat-sink, you can see a glass lens, with mounting ring and silicone seal. This allows the lenses to be mounted and sealed to to top of the heat-sink with 4 screws. These precision lenses have available beam-angles of 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90, degrees and 120 degrees.

ELPL-Mc-100W McCree Curve COB

EconoLux offers different configurations of our unique LED COBs in 50W, 100W and 200W power output. Shown on the left, is the ELPL-Mc-100W COB which offers a close match (90+%) to the McCree curve, and also has a reasonably close match to natural sunlight. EconoLux also offer other types of COBs for growing plants, please inquire.
EconoLux can make custom COBs designed according to your specifications - Please contact us for more information, 


LED Drivers
We can provide premium MeanWell LED drivers with contest current, constant voltage, and both constant voltage and current operation. The MeanWell drivers are available in a number of different wattages, and they have UL and CE approvals.
We can also provide lower cost Chinese made drivers in different voltage and wattage configurations. These drivers can have CE and other approvals. While we can ship as few as one driver, naturally prices are better for larger quantities.

LED PCBA for Groiw-lights

PCBA Boards with LEDs
We can supply Aluminum PCB boards, populated with LEDs. These are the same boards used in many of EconoLux's premium LED grow-lights.

Custom Boards and Sub-asemblies: We can make you custom PCBA boards, populated with LEDs, that meet your dimensional and spectrum requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.