VS3 LED Grow-lights

The Best Variable Spectrum Grow-lights.

ELPL-Mc-VS3 Variable Spectrum LED Grow-lights

Give your plants the light they need with the Wireless VS3 McCree Curve variable spectrum LED grow-lights.

ELPL-MC-VS3-250W LED Grow Light is EconoLux's latest high-tech, 250 Watt LED Grow-light. It incorporates the popular international standard Zigbee wireless mesh-network, remote control. The VS3 lights can be controlled individually, or in groups, from your Android device or your PC. These lights are ideal for all types of greenhouse applications, as the McCree output spectrum can be varied to suit the needs of the crop being cultivated.

The 250W Mc-VS3 LED Grow lights have a spectrum with 95+% match to the McCree curve, depending on the (user adjustable) dimmer settings. The McCree curve is the spectral curve that scientists have determined is the best for growing a wide variety of crop plants, including medical Cannabis.
The extra UV and blue light that can be provided by the MC-VS3, is ideal for applications such as growing leafy greens; and the extra Red and Infra Red light that can be provided by the MC-VS3 is ideal for growing flowering and fruiting plants - you set the spectrum according to the phase of the grow cycle, and your plant's needs (see What Light Do Plants Need?)



► 250W total output from each light
► 50 watts of UV and blue light from channel 1
► 150 Watts of 85% match to the McCree curve light from channel 2
► 50 Watts of Red and Infra Red light from channel 3
► All three channels of each light controlled by Zigbee wireless mesh network
► Dimmable channels with premium quality MeanWell drivers
► VS3 Lights can be controlled individually or in groups from your Android Device or PC
► Lifespan of 45,000 to 55,000 hours of operation
► Beam angle can be 120 degrees, 90 degrees, or 60 degrees with plastic lenses
► Long narrow aspect ratio of the lights reduces shading in glass roofed greenhouses
► Passive convection cooling - NO noisy fans that require maintenance
► IP65 rated (waterproof) light fixture - Ideal for use in damp/humid greenhouses
► Corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum construction with powder coated finish
► Universal power input of 100~300 VAC, 50/60Hz (other input voltages optionally available)
► MeanWell CE & UL approved, IP65 (waterproof drivers - Fixture is UL listed)
► Coupler plates available to join the lights into a continuous strip
► Housing and end-cap colours can be customized depending on quantity ordered
► Your brand-name and model number can be printed onto the lights with MOQ 50 pieces

The ELPL-Mc-VS3 LED array has a total capacity of 275W (55W blue and UV + 165W of 85% McCree curve + 55W of Red and IR) but is de-rated to 250W to increase LED lifespan. The LED array in each light is dimmable on a channel-by-channel basis, to produce a variable spectrum that can be a close (95+%) match to the McCree curve (depending on user settings).
The ELPL-Mc-VS3 lights are built with the most advanced, proprietary, LED technology to insure maximum output, long service life, and maximum energy savings.

VS3-Variable Spectrum McCree Curve Grow-Light LED Array
VS3 Variable Spectrum McCree Curve LED Grow-light -Back View

The housings of the ELPL-Mc-VS3 LED lights are carefully designed with heat-sink fins on the back for effective passive cooling. This means no noisy, high maintenance, fans. With an IP-65 water and dust proof rating, they are well suited to the high humidity conditions found in professional greenhouses.
The MeanWell CE/UL approved, IP65, LED drivers feature universal power input of 100 to 300 VAC, 50/60 Hz - thus they can operate almost anywhere in the world. Higher voltage model drivers are optionally available. The whole VS3 fixture is UL and CE approved.

The ELPL-Mc-VS3 LED grow lights can save around 33%, and often more, in energy costs compared to conventional metal halide or high-pressure sodium grow lights (where 3 of the VS3 lights [750W] are replacing one 1,000W HID light). The VS3 lights also offer significantly more UV and Blue light, and Red light compared to HPS and MH lamps. The Zigbee wireless user adjustable McCree Curve spectrum allows you to tailor the lights to your crop's needs, increasing crop yields.
They also save time and money on maintenance as the annual bulb changes required by typical conventional lights are not needed anymore, due to the 45,000 to 50,000 hour lifespan of the VS3 LED lights.

The EconoLux ELPL-Mc-VS3-250W linear LED grow lights are available in various models depending on the desired beam-spread. Wider beam angles should be used for closer plant-to-light spacing, narrower beam angles should be used for greater plant-to-light distances.

ELPL-Mc-VS3-250W-120 50W of Blue + UV
150W of 85% McCree Curve
50W of Red + IR
Each channel individually dimmable by Zigbee wireless control
ELPL-Mc-VS3-250W-90 90°
ELPL-Mc-VS3-250W-60 60°


POWER: Universal input of 100~300 VAC, 50/60Hz - MeanWell drivers. Higher voltage models optionally available. Power factor = 0.88 @ 115VAC, 0.95 @ 230VAC and 0.92 @ 277VAC
DIMENSIONS: All models measure 1190mm [46.85in] long, 122mm [4.8in] wide, and 95mm [3.74in] high (Not including the hanging brackets)
PACKED DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 130*22*21cm [51.1*8.7*8.3"] - Gross weight: 9KG [19.8 Lbs]
GATEWAY: The lights require a WiFi to Zigbee gateway in order too work with the free Android app we provide - we can supply the Zigbee gateway.

Based on prototypes - specifications subject to change due to continuous product improvement

DOWNLOAD - ELPL-Mc-VS3 250W Variable Spectrum LED Grow-Light Info Sheet - June 2018.pdf