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GroCube™ LED Grow Light with MEanwell Driver

The EconoLux Industries ELPL GroCubes™ are an innovative and  inexpensive way to deploy our BMC (basic McCree Curve) series of COB light-engines for growing a variety of plants.  The BMC COB light engines offer an 90+% match to the McCree curve.
  The ELPL GroCubes™ provide you with one of our BMC LED COB light-engines, mounted onto a suitable anodized heat-sink, with a 60 degree or 90 degree lens, in a compact, water resistant configuration.  There is no need for a fan as the heat-sink is designed for passive cooling of the 100W COB.  A CE or UL/CE approved, 100W constant current, driver is included.

The GroCubes™ series is a semi-DIY product as it is provided in the minimal configuration with a BMC COB mounted to a passive cooling heat-sink, with 2 wires coming out of the back of the heat-sink, sealed in place, and with a terminal strip for connection to the driver.  The heat-sink has 4 M6 threaded holes to attach the GroCube™ to user supplied mounting hardware, or to install hooks or eye-bolts to suspend the GroCube™ over your plants.  You have to supply your own mounting hardware or eye-bolts, and a power plug for installation onto the driver power cord.

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roCube™ Options

Spectrum Options: The GroCubes™ are equipped with our BMC or BMC-FL (BMC Flowering type - coming soon) COBs which have a close match to the McCree curve of 90+%.  The BMC COBS provide a better spectrum than the low-cost "white light" COBs used in the typical low budget DIY LED grow-lights, with an a smooth and extended spectrum from 380nm to 750nm (includes UV and Infra Red).

ELPL-COB-100W-BMC Spectrum Vs. McCree Curve

More details on the ELPL-BMC-100W COBs >

The graphs below (from our plant/grow light spectrometer), measuring in PPFD (PAR)*, shows a comparisons of the GroCube spectrum to various standard curves for Chlorophyll A, B, and Beta Carotene - the light absorbing compounds in plants responsible for growth. The GroCube's match to these curves is very close.

ELPL-BMC-COB-100W comparison spectrums

Driver Options:   The GROcubes™ are available with your choice of universal voltage, Constant Current, 100W driver:

GroCube™ LED Drivers1]  Standard CE Approved: A low budget Chinese made, CE approved, constant current, universal voltage (100~240VAC - 50/60Hz), waterproof, 100W driver; or

2]  Optional UL/CE approved: A premium quality MeanWell brand, UL and CE approved. constant current, universal voltage (100~240VAC - 50/60Hz), waterproof (IP-65) 100W LED driver (small additional cost).



Optics Options:  The ELPL GroCubes™ are provided with a glass lens, silicone seal, and retaining ring with your choice of 60 degree or 90 degree beam spread lenses (other beam spreads are available at a slight extra cost - please inquire).

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ELPL GroCube LED Plant/Grow Lights

GroCube LED Grow Light - Heat-sink & COB

The EconoLux Industries ELPL GroCube™ semi-DIY LED lights produce 1,642 PAR/PPFD at a distance of 30.5cm, (1 ft) with a 90 degree lens - that's 16.42 PPFD/Watt.

The GroCubes provide a circular coverage area of 61cm  (24 inches) diameter at a hanging height of 30.5cm (12"), and a coverage area of  90cm (35 inches) diameter at a hanging height of 46cm (18") above the canopy.


GroCube Heat-sink

Heat-sink:  The ELPL GroCube™ semi-DIY LED grow-light is provided with a custom made, anodized, heat-sink.
No fans are required, as the heat-sink is designed to silently dissipate the COB heat by convection (passive cooling).


Bands/Wavelengths:  The ELPL 100W BMC COB uses 22 different bands (wavelengths) of high efficiency LEDs, plus our proprietary X-S (Xtended Spectrum) phosphor coating, to insure the best spectrum with a close (85%) match to the McCree curve. More than twice as many bands as are used compared to most typical high end LED grow lights.

ELPL GroCube COB Lens

Optics:  The GroCube™ is provided with your choice of 60 degree or 90 degree beam-spread glass lens, with mounting ring and silicone seal (other beam spread lenses are optionally available at extra cost - please inquire).

ELPL GroCube Led Drivers

Driver:  The GroCubes™ are provided standard with a low budget CE approved driver, or optionally with a premium quality UL and CE approved MeanWell brand driver.  Both types of driver feature universal voltage (100~240VAC 50/60Hz) input to the driver, and have constant current output.

ELPL GroCube Hanging Points

Hanging Points: The GroCube™ heat-sink has 4, M6 threaded holes (one on each side), that can be used to attach the heat-sink to user provided mountings, or to install hooks or eye-bolts for hanging.
We do not provide eye bolts with the GroCube™, they are an optional extra.

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ELPL GroCube 100W LED DIY Grow Light - Technical Specifications

Parameter Value Notes
Nominal Wattage: 100 Watts  30VDC @ 3A (constant current driver provided)
Driver: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz  "Universal" type, constant current waterproof driver
Light Engine: ELPL BMC 100W COB   Close match (85%) to the McCree curve
Spectrum: Full spectrum   From 380nm to 780nm - includes UV and IR
Lifespan: 45,000 Hours   2 year limited warranty
Average PAR/PPFD:* 1,094 PAR / 1,094.6 mol/M2/S# @ 30.5cm  Please see the PAR/PPFD chart below for numbers with 60 degree and 90 degree lenses at different distances
DLI (daily Light Integral) 52.6  DLI measured at @ 30.5cm (12") with 90 Degree lens
Lumen Output:  64,973 Lux  Measured with a CIE calibrated (standard) light meter @ 30.5cm (12")  with 90 degree lens - Lumens are for Humans, PAR/PPFD are for plants
Certifications: CE and UL/CE  CE/RoHS or UL/CE/RoHS certified LED drivers
Usage Location: Indoor use in high humidity  Water resistant heat-sink and COB, waterproof drivers
Dimensions: 12.5 X 12.5 X 11 cm  (4.9 X 4.9 X 4.3 inches)
Net Weight: 2.25 Kg  4.6 Lbs
* PPFD: Lighting for plants is different from lighting for humans. Light energy for humans is measured in lumens, with light falling onto a surface measured as illuminance with units of lux (lumens per square meter) or footcandles (lumens per square foot). Light energy for plants, on the other hand, is measured as photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR), with light falling onto a surface measured as photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD). -
# Note:  PAR/PPFD* output will vary according to the distance from the fixture.

GroCube 60 & 90 degree PAR-PPFD readings chart

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