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EconoLux Industries Limited believes in informed customers. To help you understand the principals and technology behind our lighting products, we provide this library of helpful papers and articles, that are as unbiased as possible, while still mentioning the advantages of some of our EconoLux products.

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Plant/Grow Light Papers

What Light do plants Need?

What Light Do Plants Need - cover photo

Agricultural (or Horticultural) lighting (plant/grow lights), are widely used in greenhouses, with and without glass walls/ceilings, and in other locations for example, grow tents or indoor controlled environments with no natural daylight; to either replace, or augment, natural sunlight (daylight) in the growing of many different types of crops.

These crops may include, peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, herbs, flowers or medicinal plants. In many cases, the most popular type of lights used are HID (Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium) lamps. These lamps are generally deficient in spectrum of the light delivered to the plants, and the electrical energy needed to operate the plant/grow-lights accounts for a significant amount of the input costs involved in the production of the crops.

This paper discusses the various curves used to quantify the light spectrum that is most desirable for plant cultivation, and the method used to measure light for plant growth. The information provided herein relies on publically available scientific research, and references are provided where they are available.

Plant Absorption Peaks Vs PAR curve & McCree Curve graph

The 14 page paper (PDF), is filled with graphs and charts, and also compares the various plant-light solutions already on the market (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, T5HO and LEDs), comparing the spectrum of each type, with the PAR Curve and McCree curve for plant light absorption.



What Light Do Plants Need? (Webpage) >

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Survey of Popular Plant Growing Light Spectra

Popular Grow-light Spectrums Vs. PAR Curve and McCree Curve-Cover

This 8 page paper is an extract from the longer "What Light do plants Need?" paper above.

It is intended for those who are already familiar with the PAR curve, McCree curve and PPFD concepts, and who are more interested reviewing the comparisons of popular grow lights (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, T5HO and LEDs) with theses curves. This may be helpful for selecting the type of grow-light best suited to your crops.


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LED Lighting Papers


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