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Factory Virtual Tour

EconoLux Industries has a manufacturing partnership agreement with GDTZ Photoelectric Co., Ltd. in Guangdong province of China. The factory is located in Dongguan, about half way between Shenzhen and Guangzhou, just over an hour's drive from Hong Kong, or a 45 minute drive from the Shenzhen Bao'an international airport.

They are licensed to manufacture our products according to our specifications and under the direction of EconoLux Industries personnel. EconoLux maintains an office on-site at the factory so that we can readily interface with the factory staff, supervise production runs, and do Quality Control testing.

EconoLux partner factory view
Ariel View of our Partner Factory

Basic Statistics:

Technical Staff: 30 engineers

Manufacturing staff: 500 skilled workers

Administration and Support staff: 35 people

R&D Center & Testing Center: 1,000 M2

Showroom Area: 2,000 M2

Production Area: 30,000 M2

Warehouse and logistics area: 5,000 M2

Below you can view a few selected photos from our factory in Dongguan, showing some highlights of the manufacturing and testing process, for some of our EconoLux products, and a view of our showroom:

EconoLux LED COB Pick & Place system

LED COB Pick & Place assembly

PCB and Electronics Fabrication Lines

PCB and Electronics Fabrication Lines

EconoLux LED T8 Tube Assembly

LED T8 Tube Assembly

LED T8 Tube Testing & Aging

LED T8 Tube Testing & Aging

EconoLux LED COB Plant/Grow Light Testing

ELPL LED COB Plant/Grow Light Testing

EconoLux showroom

EconoLux Showroom

EconoLux also works with other vendors and factories, who make parts and sub-assemblies, which are then incorporated into our products by our manufacturing partner.

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Factory Operations

Our factory operates in conjunction with Chinese owners and management who have a vested interest in producing the best possible products.  Our partners provide the day-to-day management, facilities and infrastructure to make our technologically advanced lamps, and then assemble them into our proprietary products.

EconoLux Industries provides the R&D, product development, technical expertise, patent-pending technology and trade-secret specialized processes, Quality Control, and finishing.  We continuously monitor the production of our products, conduct our own QC inspections and testing of the products to insure they meet our specifications. 

Our marketing, customer support, and sales support office is in Shenzhen, and our administrative Head Office is in Hong Kong.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

We continuously monitor our factory operations to insure our active compliance with the spirit and the letter of the of the law, compliance with environmental regulations, ethical standards, safe and fair working conditions for our staff, and we participate in improving the local community.


EconoLux insures that all environmental regulations of the province of Guangdong are followed by our factory staff, our suppliers and our partners/management.  No toxic chemicals are used in our manufacturing processes, no toxic fumes are produced, and soldering stations are properly ventilated, thus our factory produces no contaminated waste-water, or air contaminants.

Any defective lamps or other products that are rejected during any stage of the manufacturing process are collected so that the glass, plastic and metal parts can be recycled.  Each type of material is collected separately, and recyclables are picked up weekly.

We "eat our own dog food" as our factory and offices are lit with our own LED lamps, housed in fixtures built on-site. This helps reduce our facility energy consumption and "carbon footprint" as well as providing a real life test-bed for our lamps and fixtures.


Safety is important to us thus our workers have all received proper safety training. We provide our workers with all of the safety equipment needed, such as safety glasses/goggles, gloves, lab-coats, dust masks, etc. We require all of our management and workers to keep the factory a clean and safe place to work.

In our LED COB assembly area, we maintain high clean-room standards with staff dressed in appropriate attire with dust masks, positive air pressure in the area to keep dust out, an air-shower on entry and airlocks for the goods exiting the area.

Working Conditions:

We treat our workers well by providing a work environment that is similar to that found in western high-tech industries. Unlike some Chinese factories, we are not a "sweat shop", we have no quota system, and we do not regiment washroom or other breaks. We pay above average wages for Guangdong province and if overtime work is required, our workers get paid overtime wages or get 'time off in lieu'.

We provide free bottled hot and cold purified water, cups, and tea for the staff. Our factory is air-conditioned in all areas where that is possible, and properly ventilated in the glass forming, and other areas where gas powered equipment is used.

Our workers have regular work hours with a 90 minute lunch break daily. We provide the staff with a free hot lunch each day, usually consisting of soup, rice, a meat dish and at least two vegetable dishes, (management often eats these meals as well, so we know it's quality food).  We provide free broadband internet connections, Cable TV, air-conditioning, a basketball court (lit with our own sports-lights in the evenings), and other amenities in the factory dormitory, so that our workers are well treated.

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Visiting Us

You are welcome to come and visit us and the EconoLux factory.  Please give us 2~3 weeks of prior notice so that we can arrange the schedule, and issue you a "Letter of Invitation" (which you will need for your China Visa). We can also arrange transportation from the Shenzhen Bo'an airport, or any metro or railways station in Shenzhen, to and from our Factory.

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