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EconoLux Industries is dedicated to providing purpose designed Plant/Grow/Hydroponics lights with a close match to the McCree curve, and high PPFD/PAR output, for cultivating all types of plants in Greenhouse and Vertical Farm applications. These premium LED grow-lights, which use the latest in high-technology, are designed and manufactured by the world leader and inventor of grow-lights with a 90% to 95% match to the McCree curve.


VS3- Variabls Spectrum LED Grow-light (McCree Curve)   ELPL-Mc-VS3-250W:  The VS3TM 250W LED Grow-lights are our premium, Variable spectrum model, with Zigbee wireless mesh-networking remote control. Each 250W light has 50W of UV and Blue, 150W of EconoLux's MC85 Phosphor coated LEDs (with 85+% match to the McCree Curve), and 50W of Red and IR LEDs. They have Passive cooling, are waterproof (IP65), with your choice of 60°, 90°, or 120° plastic lenses. The full dimming feature of the Zigbee remote controlled MeanWell drivers allows you to adjust the spectrum to suit your plants needs - with automated control (by android app or PC).
PRO-LED 100W McCree curve LED grow light   ELPL-PRO-LED-100W:  PRO-LEDTM 100W - Grow-lights are Fixed spectrum LED lights, with 90+% match to the McCree Curve, and a 80+% match to Sunlight. They feature MeanWell Drivers, have passive cooling, are water resistant (IP54), and come with your choice of 60°, 90°, or 120° glass lenses.

McCree Series LED Grow-Lights

  McCree Series LED Grow-Lights: EconoLux Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce the new fixed spectrum, High PPFD, McCree Curve, LED Plant/Grow/Hydroponics lights, with a close match to the McCree Curve, and natural sunlight, for cultivating all types of plants.
COMING SOON   Home Growing LED Lights:  EconoLux will soon be releasing a line of budget home use LED grow-lights - Coming soon.
McCree curve COBs for growing plants   COBs for growing plants: EconoLux Industries Ltd. is the exclusive manufacturer of the MC and VXS series of plant-light-on-chip-grow-light COBs. These COBs are scientifically designed to have a close match to the McCree Curve, and to natural sunlight. We also make custom COBs to suit your desired spectrum.
DIY LED Grow-light parts & components   Accessories & DIY Components:  We can provide you with EconoLux's unique COBs, PCBA boards populated with LEDs, and other parts and components for your experiments, or for you to incorporate into your own grow-lights.
OEM, bespoke & Custom LED Grow-lights   OEM & Custom LED Grow-lights: EconoLux Industries Ltd. is dedicated to providing scientifically designed, energy saving, LED Plant/Grow/Hydroponics lighting. We have semi-custom models of our lights, or our OEM department can creates any format of grow-light, with any spectrum you desire. We can make these with your colour scheme, logo and branding, as your own LED grow-lights, on a confidential basis

What Light do Plants Need?   LED grow-lights come in various types, from the cheap '2-band' Blue/Red types, to modified 'white-light' types, to variable spectrum types. How to make sense of what you need to grow healthy plants with high crop yields in your professional greenhouse, vertical farm set-up, or your home? Read on to discover what light plants actually need.
The McCree Curve   The McCree Curve quantifies the average photosynthesis response of plants to light from 350nm to 750nm, and shows the average sensitivity of plants to light (the plant sensitivity curve) in this region of the spectrum. The McCree curve can be used to compare the spectral output of a plant/grow-light with the average sensitivity curve for plants, to determine how close they come to the ideal spectrum.
Case Studies   This section lists some of the more recent field trials of our advanced LED grow-lights, with a close match to the McCree curve and natural sunlight, tested with different types of crops.
Tech Terms Explained   Every industry has its own terminology - here we have collected some of the most common technical terms and acronyms used in connection with horticultural lighting, and attempted to explain them in plan English (with citations where they are available).
EconoLux F A Q   EconoLux Industries answers your frequently asked questions about our products and about horticultural lighting.
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